November 7, 2017 SACT Safety

Safety in the Round

This was a round table event facilitated by BD but was organised and chaired independently, where a group of nurses, pharmacists and a pharmacy technician were tasked with mapping all potential points of contamination from vial to vein, and discussing various issues of exposure to try to raise awareness of each other’s roles and responsibilities in the process.

This was a very informative event with a great deal of discussion around the risks of exposure – giving good insight into all aspects of handling SACT from manufacture through to patient waste. It also provided great insight and appreciation of each other’s roles within SACT safety, in particular the support from pharmacists in relation to the use of closed systems for SACT administration – as this had been raised at the national pharmacy QA symposium. The write-up of this event will be published shortly and will be added on to the website when available.