September 11, 2017 SACT Safety

International Cytotoxic Exposure Management Study Day

Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre, London on 11th September 2017

The day covered a review of International and UK studies regarding cytotoxic and cytostatic safe drug handling, current and future risks to long-term occupational health in the Oncology setting and national safety practices. The day included presentations of current Swedish standards of safe drug handling and a nationally recognised cytotoxic e-learning programme.

Presentations included:

Dr Paul Sessink PhD presents his keynote speech on the historical clinical evidence regarding cytotoxic exposure and long-term serious carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic health risks to oncology nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare personnel. He also introduces the concept of safety around antibiotics.


Alison Simons, Senior Lecturer in Cancer Care and Chemotherapy, and Samantha Toland, Senior Lecturer in Haematology and Chemotherapy, from Birmingham City University deliver their presentation Second-hand Cytotoxic Exposure in the Clinical Setting