April 24, 2018 Alison Simons

Following on from the UKONS statement released regarding closed system devices.

Following on from UKONS position statement released regarding Closed-system drug-transfer devices in addition to safe handling of hazardous drugs versus safe handling alone for reducing healthcare staff exposure to infusional hazardous drugs.
We are currently analysing this review and will feedback our findings to UKONS and will share our views via our SACT safety website (www.www.sactsafety.com) social media and mailing lists.
We will continue our own work into SACT safety which will include research studies, opinion pieces and surveys that we will share. We are also currently reviewing a yellow cover document which will provide guidance on handling of injectable cytotoxic drugs within NHS Hospitals in the UK.
Our mission continues to focus on raising awareness in SACT safety in relation to handling, administration and waste disposal, promoting the use of all types of protective measures to reduce the risk of occupational exposure of SACT.