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This site is built using the Brooklyn theme, but due to the heavyweight coding the pages have been structured using the Beaver Builder Front editor.

What you need to know

  1. when logged in do not edit page content with the standard editor from the backend. Instead go to the page requiring changes and click the 'PAGE BUILDER' link in the top admin bar of the site
  2. This opens the front end editor
  3. Clicking on any element of the page (excluding header) will open a dialogue box with the appropriate editing options.
  4. Make changes and save at the bottom of the box.
  5. you can work on more than one element during an editor session.
  6. Click the letter 'P' on keyboard at any time during editing to see a preview
  7. When complete, Click the DONE button top Right of screen and click 'Publish'
  8. Clicking 'discard' will loose ALL your changes!
  9. All new pages need to have the footer added at the bottom. In editor mode click the + button (top right) >Templates>Saved and drag the 'Global Footer' to the very bottom the page.. Now save and publish as usual.
  10. NOTE the footer is a global template that you can edit and all pages with the footer will be affected.

Extras required?


We offer design, function and coding to support your website. Please note we only follow WordPress best code of practice that means only approved plugins and functionality can be incorporated into the site.

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